What is psycho-biology?

Psycho-biology offers an innovative approach to help us identify and solving the emotional trauma behind a condition or a behavior, addressing human being in its many dimensions.

It uses a combination of tools and knowledge to find the why or the psychic root because a disease or a difficulty. To help the person we start to build a puzzle using cycles, the lifetime line, family tree memories.

This body of work integrates a knowledge moved forward by neurosciences, quantum physics and cellular biology. It open numerous fields of investigation which allow us to know ourselves better and to mobilize the unsuspected strengths and resources of our being

Getting past our past allows us to move from “survival” to “creation”. We all have the possibility to “unmemorize” some automatic emotional response to recondition a
new self.

Marie-Ginette Rheault

Lets walk together so that any area in this world rhymes with meaning, authenticity and kindness


4 Level Basic Workshops

The main cycle of seminars consists of 4 modules. Each module can be done independently. Although the Level 1 is fundamental to get the basics all the modules taken together build a very consistent whole.

The tools and techniques are simple, concrete and clear, yet incredibly effective and provide a solid basis for bringing meaningful and significant change to one’s life and could benefit your love’s, family, relationship and achievement.

The use of many examples and practical tools in each workshop is meant to truly empower participants to gain further insight into their own health issues.

The only requirement is to be open-minded and ready to challenge ourselves.

Healthcare professionals and therapists are welcome and will be amazed to see how using this in combination with their own skills would optimize their results.

Upcoming Events



Overweight, Anorexia, Bulimia And Related Digestive Disorders



Special workshop: ADDICTIONS



Level 4 – Decoding the psychic roots of diseases



Level 3 – Decoding the meaning of illness

If you wish to organize a workshop or a lecture in your area please feel free to contact Marie-Ginette

All fear subsided into a deep calm and quiet knowing. This is the power of love.

C. G. Jung