Psychotherapist, Coach & Trainer

of Canadian origin, Marie-Ginette Rheault, has been working as a Consultant in Psycho-biology/Total Biology in Quebec and then in Europe for almost 20 years. Today she meets with clients and organizes workshops & lectures to share the understanding and the practical use of this concept, mainly in Europe and Bulgaria. 

There is a morning, deep inside you, that is just waiting to burst forth with Light.


Acupuncturist, psychotherapist, neuro-active coach and trainer, Marie-Ginette’s experience led her to deepen several disciplines such as Old Chinese Medicine Psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Sophrology and innovating concepts such as integrating the work with the cellular memories.
In 2000, she was trained by Dr. Claude Sabbah and from then participated in various advanced level courses and specialization seminars that were held each year.

Marie-Ginette has integrated the synthesis of his studies, life and work experiences under the name of psycho-biology which is a great body of knowledge. This knowledge is far from being a panacea but when well applied it contributes powerfully to the healing process. Her work and modalities comes out of her desire to help people gain knowledge of their inner world, expand their consciousness, and increase their sense of personal well-being while fulfilling their unique human and spiritual potential.