What is not expressed is imprinted

Recognizing how the interaction between thought, emotions and the brain affects the biological functioning of the human being, is to acquire important keys to better understand the meaning of the events in our lives and the forces at play that generate them. Very often, the illness bridges the gap between the past and the present. A conflict from the past lingers like an old ghost and is expressed in the present. Changing one’s view of the illness is the first step to understanding what “the illness has said” and is the first step towards healing. By becoming “conscious” we can free ourselves and transform our present limitations and our past dramas, removing their influence on the present to better fly towards the realization of all our possibilities.

Fear of dying, devaluation, guilt, powerlessness, etc. Each type of illness informs us of the feelings that need to be released in order to heal.


Illness is a revelation of consciousness

This reconsideration of the way of conceiving illness or dysfunction is based on the existence of biological laws that are 100% verifiable. Illness is the expression of an imbalance caused by an emotional conflict. Without this conflict, there is no illness. It starts with a “shock” triggered by a drama, a sentence, a gesture, an image and it is the emotion felt, which according to its nature and its intensity, will be translated into biological reality. The illness thus has a precise meaning and appears as a perfect response desired by the brain. Dramatic and intense, the shock is devastating like an arrow that penetrates me in an instant. I was not expecting it and my usual means of defence were overwhelmed. Mouth open, I don’t really realize the intensity and the scope of what I feel. Everyone around me knows what has happened but no one suspects what I have really experienced. If, faced with a conflict situation, I do not succeed in finding satisfactory solutions, then and only
then will my brain go into action to trigger the appropriate biological program. The degree of severity of the illness will be determined by the intensity of the emotional shock, while its location will depend on the nature of the feeling experienced.

I know the event, I even recount it, but how did I integrate it?

– I feel “separated from”: it is the skin, because the skin puts us in contact with the world.
– Indigestible dirt: the digestive system
– Resentment: the gallbladder
– Deep feeling of devaluation: the bones
– Disgusting : I colon
– A major loss: the ovaries, etc.


What is not expressed is imprinted

A young wife lives a conflicting situation with her daughter-in-law who rejects her. It is incomprehensible and terrible for her. When she tells her husband about it, far from supporting her, he reproaches and blames her. Years later, this woman still carries the wound of this old story, which she will tell to anyone who will listen. She knows the event, she even rambles about it, but she does not heal. Talking about the event – rehashing the event, does not heal.

Because it is not the external situation experienced that counts, it is exclusively with I feel, what this experience represents for the person, in a conscious or unconscious way, that the disease is linked. It is the feeling that programs and it is this that must be brought to the surface to heal. The 99% is what we know about our history. The 1% is the unconscious part that escaped us and that programs the disease. In the case mentioned above, it was by fully realizing that she had lived her drama in a climate of powerlessness, submission and attack, and that it was THAT her disease, that she could let go and heal. A man suffering from muscular dystrophy tells the story of how he did everything for those around him, but never received the recognition he hoped for; on the contrary, it was never enough, he was always asked for more. This is the story of his life: no matter how much he does, it is never enough and he never receives the love he expects. He tells his story, expresses his pain, his rage and becomes aware of his devaluation, but he can only heal when he accesses the feeling of powerlessness that is integrated in terms of: “It is useless to fight, it is useless to do. – Knowing the story is therefore not enough, one must become aware of its hidden meaning, which is inscribed as an obligatory trajectory in the person’s life. It is the WEIGHT of what one has felt that leads or not to the appearance of the pathology and its more or less strong degree
of expression. Many times, we forget the impact of what happened to us. We have to accept reality as it is, that’s all. If we accept it, we are not sick. The art of therapy consists in helping the individual to access HIS reality, which often escapes him. We can only heal in this reality. I can resolve my conflict, if and only if I get to the information that caused the conflict. In order to heal, one must become aware that this was the illness, in total acceptance. True understanding is a feeling. You feel, and in that moment, you understand and you know. Maybe you can’t explain it.

The brain takes care of the healing, we don’t have to ask ourselves how to do it. You have to accept it like a child without any criticism: – Ah! that’s why …” and be in
this certainty. Biology, of course, is subtle and the art of therapy will consist in finding not only the element that triggers the dysfunction, but also the one that programmed it. There is an absolute correspondence between things and we can to some extent change our destiny by becoming aware of the “unconscious” part of the program that is playing in us in order to erase it. There are several ways to record your programs.



Everything is recorded in us like in a photo album and the brain constantly compares the present situation to all those it already has in memory. If I had a serious accident at a crossroads because a car ran a red light, every time I arrive at a similar crossroads, I systematically look three times instead of once to make sure that no car is coming. With time, this behavior is no longer logical but it comes back as an automatism and I often forget why. At every moment, the brain registers all the elements around us through the senses: colors, sounds, sensations, objects, smells, numbers, etc. Later on, the recall of one or more of these elements can be enough to bring back the initial state of stress accompanying a traumatic event. As long as we are not aware of this initial cause, we suffer in spite of ourselves the discomfort linked to this stress. This is what happens in particular in the case of allergies.



Concerns everything that happened from conception to the first year of life. Everything that the parents think and say in a stressful situation, the
child takes it “to the I”, as if it were personal in his baggage to prepare him for the ride that will be his life.

The psychological conflict of the parent becomes the biological conflict of the child. My father or mother felt it, so I realize it in my biology or in my behavior.

The parents wanted a boy. They were sure that the child the mother was carrying would be. At the birth, the heavens exclaimed in disappointment, “Oh no, it’s only a girl!” Although 30 minutes later they smile and accept her, the child has already received the arrow that, in an instant, records her tape of devaluation and guilt.
A young woman is going through the first steps of her marriage with difficulty. She feels isolated and stuck. She says, “If I had known it would be this hard, I never would have gotten married.” The child she is carrying at this moment will take the biological solution of her mother’s conflict upon himself and not marry. He will perhaps wish it all his life but this unconscious program will sabotage his efforts and, as if by chance, he will only meet later, against all logic, partners with whom the union is impossible. There is no culprit, there is no victim, there are the laws of biology.



The unresolved dramas experienced by our ancestors, circulating in the family memories, will have repercussions on the person who is the target. A woman who is unable to have children discovers that she has inherited the program of her grandmother who died in childbirth. As long as her brain carried this thought
To heal, we must clone discover the meaning of what is expressed in our lives: Becoming aware deprograms and gives us the possibility to do so. We only need to let go, to leave the heavy luggage that we have been carrying around for too long, here and now! We are not free but we are free to become free!


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